A key player from research to launch!
Mohamed Abdel Karim is a Product Designer that has experience shipping mobile applications and live websites.

WillowTree Internship


Large Team

Launch to beta

As a product design intern I took ownership of two critical features of a veterinary app. I learned how to work with project management and development to meet deadlines and launched the beta!


Freelance Project

Brand and Web Design

Coming Soon!

Meet the Designer

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a product designer with experience producing live applications and developing brand identities. I am a graduate of Northwestern and Ohio State where I studied information design and strategy and psychology respectively.

       I like to draw from my imagination and use my understanding of user psychology to ideate novel ideas. When combined with design patterns and research, these ideas turn into enriching experiences. I constantly look for new challenges, both scholastically and in my work. I enjoy collaborating with friends and colleagues in different fields to produce unique products and designs.